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I recommend this restaurant to be included in the class of Top Asian Restaurants in USA as my rating indicate below (Score 10 for best, 1 for worst. Keep to two decimal places. like 8.76):

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  • 1 star - Tasty comfort food! Good enough to warrant another visit.
  • 2 star - Fresh & delicious. Really enjoyed the food!
  • 3 star - Yummy yummy, Fresh, Some of healthy dishes.Looking forward on my next visit to try them all. A wonderful taste journey.
  • 4 star - Excellent in color, aroma, and taste; many healthy food choices.Absolutely wonderful and made my stomach smile. An unparalleled explosion of flavor.
  • 5 star - Fascinating combination of food and art; cooked by celebrity chef ; main in healthy dishes,Never forget it; Best in the state.Didn’t know food could taste so good!


  • 1 star - Face with smile,lovely, Satisfactory.
  • 2 star - Very polite and friendly, Attentive without being intrusive.
  • 3 star - The staff excellent, Super polite and friendly.
  • 4 star - Much more helpful and efficient than expected.Want to make friends with the staff.
  • 5 star - Serviced whatever you want quickly and actively, Wonderfully gorgeous , Like visiting old friends!


  • 1 star - The dining area was clean and inviting. Pretty good.
  • 2 star - Fabulous, Fantastic.
  • 3 star - Amazing clean and inviting
  • 4 star - The dining area was really clean and inviting, Leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors.
  • 5 star - Never seen such good sanitation in other restaurants. Immaculate.


  • 1 star - Contemporary and yet welcoming! Great place! Sets the right tone.
  • 2 star - With comfortable music, Warm and welcoming. Enjoyed those moments.
  • 3 star - With traditonal decoration.Awesome ambiance, A feast for the eyes.
  • 4 star - Very impressive and comfortable .Loved at first sight.
  • 5 star - Memorable! Exhilarating! Utterly Captivating!