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About Top 100 Asian Restaurants Awards

The Top 100 Asian Restaurant Awards brings together a number of industry experts, celebrity chefs, and other leaders in the industry and through this has received recognition and support from media outlets and government officials around the world. It is the most influential annual Asian Restaurant industry event held anywhere.

Asian culture now has a bigger presence overseas as more people from Asia move abroad in search of new opportunities. Reflecting this, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, and Thai cuisine have now gained a foothold around the world. Some of the more famous restaurants in Asia have also begun to open branch locations abroad. Others have begun to utilize modern business methods such as franchising to enter the global dining mainstream.

Holding the Top 100 Competition and Awards has worked to increase the influence of the Asian dining brand and even more importantly stimulated interaction between members of the industry. By participating in the Top 100 Competition, restaurants unite the industry and move forward as one towards further success. The Top 100 Asian Restaurant Awards Competition has become a benchmark for Asian cuisine and thus has raised not only the influence of Asian cuisine but also its standards. We have created awards to commend outstanding restaurants that act as models for the industry. These beacons of excellence are then presented to the mainstream media. As a member of the Asian dining industry, participating in the Top 100 Competition is not just a way to improve your restaurant or even to compete for honors, but rather to help further develop the industry as a whole!


The Top 100 Asian Restaurant Awards Competition is held so that the most outstanding Asian restaurants around the world can be identified then presented to the media. Through this, Top 100 helps to introduce Asian dining culture and increase its influence around the globe. Since first being held in 2004, Top 100 Asian Restaurant Awards has received the support and recognition of former US ambassador to the UN, Sichan Siv, American consulate members, local government officials, and state governors. It has been covered by CBS, CNBS, Sina North America, the Richmond Review, Shaw TV, and other media outlets. By working hard to promote and inspire, Top 100 Asian Restaurant Awards has become an international communication platform for the promotion of Asian culture.

Since 2004, Top 100 Asian Restaurant Awards has continuously improved and now boast contest entrants from not only just the US but also Canada, Australia, the UK, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and other countries and regions. Entrants are evaluated on their sanitation, environment, food, and other areas through online reviews, media recommendations, mystery dining, public voting, past rewards, and Top 100 committee feedback. Being honored with a Top 100 award is not only a significant event for each restaurant but also a momentous occasion for foodies as well.

Award Categories

  • Overall Excellence
    • Top 100 Overall Excellence (Asian Restaurants)


Award Definitions

  • Overall Excellence
    • Top 100 Overall Excellence
      Awarded to the 100 restaurants with the highest overall score.


Evaluation Details

  • Critiques and Diner Reviews, an Asian dining platform visited by foodies all over the world functions as the official website for voters to evaluate restaurants based on their food, environment, sanitation, service, and other aspects of their dining experience.
  • Mystery Diner Evaluation
    The Mystery Diner Program accounts for a significant part of each entrants score. This portion of the evaluation process is organized by and Aboutface, a mystery dining firm that is responsible for scoring all North American entrants. Mystery diners from AboutFace visit each restaurant and conduct a real time assessment of their experience. After dining at the restaurant, a detailed report is prepared on every aspect of the dining experience then submitted (Mystery Diner Program will not be conducted in Australia and UK).
  • Public Votes
    Votes can be submitted in two ways:
    1.) Guests obtain ballots at the restaurant, vote, and turn them in. The restaurant then sends the ballots to
    2.) Online—Guests may log on to and cast their votes. Results are then automatically displayed.
  • Past Awards and Honors
    Competing restaurants also receive scores for awards received in the past, including positive online reviews and other culinary recognition.
  • Advisory Panel Evaluation
    A panel of carefully selected food critics, journalists, editors, and other industry experts evaluate the restaurant's merits as a whole.