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Kobe Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar

17/10/2011Print  |  Back

Located in 820 Gulley Dr. Clayton, NC, close to Wal-Mart, Kobe Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar was sure to be a success with quality foods, excellent service and high-standard sanitation. New fashion Japanese cuisine is what Minjian Kuang, owner of Kobe has been seeking for since opening the restaurant in 2006.


Taking a look at the menu, patrons feel dazzled at the vast amount of items, over 200 in all. Besides, new sushi items are promoted once a month to stay in the trend. Patrons often comment about the steaks, which are quite an attraction to them. Sizzling Beef Steak, Chicken Steak and Lobster Steak are just some of the most popular ones.


Customers may eat at the Teppan Table, which is livelier in ambience, with the repertoire played by the funny and friendly servers, or the dining area which is comparatively quiet. Families are hardcore fans of Kobe, and many of them stop by on weekends to have family dinners. They seem addicted to the foods and atmosphere of the restaurant. Not only is the decor of the restaurant a modern and relaxing one, but also the presentations of each dish eye-catching. 


Mr. Kuang believes that with the sincerity and painstaking efforts of all the staffs, including him, Kobe will enjoy popularity among more people.