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Asian Kitchen

17/10/2011Print  |  Back

Established in 2010 in Durham, North Carolina, Asian Kitchen became a local hot spot since its opening. For owner Sai Zheng, who has been in restaurant business for 12 years, Asian Kitchen is the third restaurant he has operated, so he is definitely the right man for the job.


The décor of the building is of a stunning East-meets-West theme. Not only are customers amazed at the elegant décor, but also the food varieties available. Patrons can choose among Chinese, Japanese, and Thai. Customers can never find a restaurant which offers such a Asian fusion nearby.


According to Mr. Zheng, all of the dishes are healthy. The kitchen staff prepares all dishes in a light method. The most recommended dishes by the staff are Mango Chicken, Red Curry Seafood Casserole, Chicken/Beef with Broccoli and Sushi. Other signature dishes include Peking Duck, General Tso’s Chicken, Thai Style Satay Beef, Thai Style Fried Calamari, etc. Online ordering is also available in Asian Kitchen, apart from dine-in, take-out and catering services. What’s more, discounts will be given if customers order online.


The staffs at Asian Kitchen are committed to a high standard of service. They are hard workers who always keep customers happy and the restaurant clean and tidy. Mr. Zheng spares no efforts in offering the best dining experience to customers and you will never feel disappointed.