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East Asian Fusion

17/10/2011Print  |  Back

Nestled in Plainsboro, New Jersey, East Asian Fusion has enhanced the dining options for local diners. Here, people can enjoy a variety of palatable Asian fusion dishes from Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine.


Opened in 2007, East Asian Fusion is a dine-in and take-out restaurant, whose decor is featured with a simple wooden style. The cozy and homey ambience makes the restaurant a paradise for families, friends and couples alike.


The quality of the food here is excellent. Some of the most popular, stand-out dishes on East Asian Fusion’s menu include: Thai Basil Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, Mongolian Beef, and all kinds of sushi and rolls served on the sushi bar. Besides, Vietnamese specials are introduced into the menu lately, such as Vietnamese Noodle Pho, which is gaining momentum. All of these dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients to guarantee outstanding quality and flavor. Mango & Lemon Duck is a dish created by the sophisticated chefs with fresh lemon and mango. Each dish is served with dazzling presentation.


The owner, Teresa Fong is quite considerate. For those office workers, lunch specials are prepared for their quick bite. There is a Bubble Tea Bar in East Asian Fusion, where tantalizing bubble tea is prepared with fresh fruits upon order.


Many patrons keep on coming back for the savory dishes, friendly service and cozy atmosphere. offering so many palatable dishes on the menu, East Asian Fusion can probably be your favorite dining place.