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Sakana Japanese Restaurant

27/09/2011Print  |  Back

In Rockland Plaza, Nanuet, New Jersey, there is a place that everybody likes to dine in. Established in 2003, Sakana Japanese Restaurant has become a local hot spot since its opening.


The elegantly decorated eating area can seat up to 110 customers. You would like to enjoy the quietness in the unique well-lighted and romantic dining area or sitting right before the bar to watch the cooking process while eating. It is up to you to choose the dining ambience you like.


If you are seeking for healthy foods, then your appetite can be fully satisfied. In Sakana, every dish is prepared in an attentive way: no MSG, low oil, low salt, large portions and various dazzling presentations the most recommended dishes by both the staff and customers include House Salad, Salmon Skin Salad, Sakana Clam, Gindara, Boston Roll, California Roll, Yokitori and Squid. New dishes are continuously presented on the menu. Customers are amazed to see that every new dish can be a popular one the instant it is promoted. Bluce Lee, the owner and also the chef of the restaurant, said “Each new dish must be tasted by the staffs so that they can have knowledge of the new dish. Only in this way can a dish be well promoted.”


Having served the local residents for eight years, Bluce is still hoping for another eight years and more to offer the quality food, excellent service and exotic dining experience.