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Hayashi Japanese Restaurant

01/09/2011Print  |  Back

Sakura (cherry blossoms) flower each year in Japan, and draw many tourists from around the globe who are looking to see this beautiful sight for themselves. The establishment of Hayashi Japanese Restaurant in 2009 was an event in and of itself. Like sakura blossoms, the restaurant has been embraced by the residents of Lubbock, Texas. The tasty Japanese dishes and exquisite sushi offered at Hayashi have become a must-try for both residents and those visiting alike.


The West Texas Roll, named after the location of the restaurant, is quite a novelty for many customers, and even hardcore fans of Japanese cuisine and sushi. The wrap is specially made from soybean, instead of the normal purple seaweed wrap. Apart from the ever popular sushi, the hibachi and teriyaki are also well-received. One of the dishes called Sea & Land is where the chefs’ experience is condensed into one dish. They draw on the experience of other restaurants and make some improvements, which results in the distinctive flavor of this particular dish. It is made of shrimp, chicken, and beef lungs, which together are a perfect combo.


The wait staff is more than willing to recommend some delicious treats to you that will be just what you are looking for. This results in excellent service and patrons will often turn to their “exclusive” waiter or waitress when they make their order.


Unlike the transience of the blossoms, which stun many with their extreme beauty and relatively short lifespan, Hayashi Japanese Restaurant is capable of enjoying ever-lasting popularity.