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Miki Sushi and Grill

01/09/2011Print  |  Back

Miki Sushi and Grill opened its doors to the world in 2010. The owner Junshan Zhang brought his rich experience of Japanese food cooking to Fremont Boulevard, Fremont, California. Once you dine at Miki Sushi and Grill restaurant, you will have a deep appreciation for the creative and vividly-flavored dishes. The attractive list of items on the menu always fascinates the customers.


All the dishes in the restaurant are cooked by Zhang himself. He takes delight in cooking delicious dishes to satisfy customers. He is also interested in cooking new things to please customers. The most popular dishes include Ramen and House Special Sushi. What’s more, promotions are going on everyday, such as if you order two shares of sushi, the second one will be of half price. Actually, the pricing of the dishes is quite reasonable. Customers like to dine in this simple but homey restaurant to get relaxed for themselves. Miki has drawn customers of different races, ranging from Indians, Mexicans, Koreans, to Japanese.


Despite the differences in likes and dislikes of different races, Miki Sushi and Grill is more and more popular with a commitment to excellence.