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Ginza Asian Bistro & Sushi

24/08/2011Print  |  Back

Newly opened in 2010, Ginza Asian Bistro & Sushi was embraced by the local people. Despite the young restaurant, the owner, Wei Chen has been in catering business for 13 years. She had learned cooking in New York, where she accumulated a lot of experience. Local people find it an amazing restaurant, where Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisines are served.


On the menu, there are more than 100 dishes listed. Besides, kids are welcomed in the restaurant, with kids’ meals listed. You’d better try these dishes out, such as Sesame Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Salmon Sushi, General Tso’s Chicken, and Sashimi. Ms Chen and the chefs have taken advantage of some New York style, which makes the dishes special to customers. The dishes are both tasty and fancy. The presentation is fantastic. You may also order wine or beer at the bar.


The decor is impressive. Japanese style and Chinese style are mingled in one. You can see a wall of Chinese Mahjong and Japanese doll at the same time. The atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable. Dining here can be a marvelous experience. The sanitation is of high standard. You will find that the tables, chairs and cutleries immaculate. This owes to the hardworking staffs, who deem Ginza as their own home. Customers are quite satisfied with the service offered here.


Ms Chen believes that interest is the most important in the operation of a restaurant. She has a great interest in this industry and she is optimistic with everything. If you haven’t tasted the quality food in Ginza, get some time to try out.