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Kingdom Buffet

23/08/2011Print  |  Back

Kingdom Buffet covers 8,000 feet areas and its reputation is enhanced by its stylish decoration. Driving in a high speed would not be the reason for people to neglect this restaurant, as it is located near two shopping centers.


Stepping into the restaurant, you will find that the waiting area is large and bright enough to reduce diners’ impatience of being in queue. The yellow floor, red bar table and green lights on the ceiling create a harmonious atmosphere. Besides, the red lanterns on the ceiling and the arch add some traditional Chinese style to the cozy place.


While enjoying the beautiful decoration, you could also have a great feast. Kingdom Buffet provides selections of Japanese, Chinese dishes, Seafood and Sushi. The quantity has reached 200. The seasoned chefs will recommend you to try Ma Po Tofu, Szechuan Bean Curd, Hunan Shrimp and Sushi, which looks spectacular.


Kingdom Buffet has gone through some tough time when it was opened back in 2008. However, with the perseverance of Cheng Dong, the owner and the staffs, it has made a lot of progress and the business is prosperous now. “Quality food and attentive service must be maintained to satisfy the demands of customers,” says the owner.