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Seeking for healthy food? Here is a place that can satisfy your needs. The owner, Mr. Chau, who had twenty years’ experience, opened Woksabi Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar in 2008. before the restaurant was opened , he did a lot of research on the market demand. That was how he decided to open a sushi restaurant.


For the sake of the health of customers, there are all varieties of sushi on the menu of Wosaki. The variety is still updating. The ingredients are kept fresh, and the novel style will always be an appeal to you. Besides, the different flavors can satisfy almost all the customers’ appetite. On holidays, special combos are offered to give discount to customers.


The restaurant is not that spacious, but it can always make you feel at home. The music is relaxing and sweet. The residents living nearby love this place so much. The staffs are friendly and experienced. They are also proficient in English.


From the experience of him, Mr. Chau summarized that a restaurant can succeed only if the location is carefully selected, competent staffs are employed, and innovation should never be stopped. With all these attributes, the restaurant will keep on enjoying its popularity.