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Sakura Spring Oriental Cuisine

22/08/2011Print  |  Back

Two decades ago, the restaurant only offered traditional Chinese cuisine at the start. In 1997, the menu of the restaurant was enriched with Japanese cuisine added, and Thai cuisine afterwards. With a good balance of Asian cuisine, Sakura Spring was named a Grade “A” restaurant by the Philadelphia Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer.


The Asian cuisine is quite a success with high quality, large portions, and reasonable prices. The restaurant offers more than 200 dishes, among which Crispy jumbo shrimp with garlic sauce, sesame chicken, pad Thai, Thai seafood, and house spicy salmon roll are signature dishes, created by skilful chefs. During Spring Festival, special dishes are offered and patrons are invited here to get together. On Valentines’ Day, special combos are prepared. Innovation is highly valued here, so the restaurant often promotes some newly-created food.


The instant entering into the restaurant, you will be greeted by the friendly waitresses. During your meal time, they keep the smile on their faces and give the best service to every customer. The elegant decor is in line with the incredibly delicious food and excellent service. The spacious house is divided into three dining areas, with one for twos, one for foursomes, and the other for around eight each table. The atmosphere is inviting with tender lights, well-arranged chairs, tables, sofas and light music.


This time-honored restaurant keeps moving forward, as all the staffs are doing their best to satisfy the demands of customers and improve the food and service for the sake of customers. Sakura Spring is definitely a fine place for authentic Asian cuisine.