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Yume Sushi

22/08/2011Print  |  Back

Are you still looking for your dreaming sushi? A perfect place to go is Yume Sushi, where all kinds of sushi are served. Yume Sushi, opened in 2010, is both a dine-in and take-out restaurant, nestled in Calgary, Alberta.


As a restaurant serving sushi only, it is more professional. Tens of sushi are listed on the menu. The variety is enlarging with new sushi promoted quite often. Quite a few varieties are ordered frequently, Lobster Sashimi is just one among them. Apart from the exotic and amazing flavor of sushi, the price is another attraction to customers. You may find that the prices of many items are only one dollar a piece. Besides, the fabulous presentation is like a piece of work of art, which is a feast for the eyes.


The owner, Ken Li, is so strict in management that he tastes every variety of sushi before it is served to the customers. “Sushi itself is a piece of art and it can only be made tasty with a joyous attitude while cooking,” says Ken, who had nine-year experience in sushi cooking.


Customers like the relaxing ambience in the restaurant and the restaurant has never been worried about the lack of customers. Here is a tip for you: with so many customers patronize Yume Sushi everyday, you’d better come earlier than the usual meal time.