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Jay’s Asian Fusion

19/08/2011Print  |  Back

Opened in May, 2008 and located in the suburbs of Longs, South Carolina, Jay’s has been widely popular among local people. As the name shows, the restaurant offers a fusion of Asian cuisine, ranging from Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Thai specialties.


The carefully cooked dishes are of incredibly good flavor and amazing look, which enable you to have a feast for eyes while enjoying the delicious food. You will be astonished to see that the ingredients can be made into such beautiful animals or other things vividly. When you get there, you should never miss Mango Chicken and Mongo Duck, the special dishes offered. The most popular dishes are Beef, Sizzling meat and Fish. On holidays, apart from the dishes offered, the customers will receive special presents of Chinese style.


The decor of the restaurant is inviting and makes the customers feel like dining in their own house. You may enjoy teriyaki/hibachi in the dining room decorated with Japanese style and other cuisines in corresponding dining rooms. That is going to be a fabulous experience.


The best food should be marched with the best service and that is what Jay’s does. The staffs are quite friendly and ready to serve every customer. However, you will never know how good the food and service unless you come here by yourselves.