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Kawaii Japanese

19/08/2011Print  |  Back

Located in Brooklyn, Kawaii Japanese is like what its name denotes: a kawaii(a Japanese word, which means lovely) restaurant. Opened in 2010, the restaurant can seat 40 people and also offers take-out and delivery services. In the restaurant, you can find all kinds of Japanese specialties and sushi.


More than 100 items are served on the menu, among which many have been popular. Tofu Teriyaki, Beef Short Ribs, Avocado Maki, Chicken Tempura, Ten Dan and Tiger Eye, for example, have been widely embraced by customers. The amazing flavor of each dish is originated from fresh ingredients and the monitor of cooking process. The prices on the menu are quite reasonable and discounts are often given to the customers.


Dining in the restaurant, you can always rest assured about the sanitation. It is clean and tidy. What’s more, you will always be overwhelmed by the relaxing homey ambience and the warm greetings of staffs. All the customers leave with 100% satisfaction.


The owner, Huajuan Guo is easygoing. She has established good relationships with the patrons. She is ready to learn new things to improve her restaurant. Time permitting, she will chat with her friends or dine in other restaurants to draw lessons from them. Customers’ needs can always be satisfied in Kawaii Japanese.