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Akaya Grill and Sushi

17/10/2011Print  |  Back

The establishment of Hayashi Japanese Restaurant in 2008 was an event in and of itself. The restaurant has been embraced by the residents of Orange Park, Florida since its opening. The tasty Japanese dishes and exquisite sushi offered at Hayashi have become a must-try for both residents and those visiting alike.


The main theme that the owner Cao Tso revolves around is offering healthy foods of high quality. On the menu with more than 200 items listed, patrons have found many favorite foods, such as Shumai, Haru Maki, Boston Ebi, Sashimi Salad, King Crab Salad, Sushi Box, and Spicy Girl Roll, etc. All sushi and rolls are works of art, with marvelous presentations. Specials are available everyday to cater to the emerging demands of customers. On weekends and holidays, appetizers are free and desserts will be delicately prepared for parties. Apart from the ever popular sushi, the hibachi and grill is also well-received.


In Akaya, Mr. Tso takes “customers are always right” as his principle. All the staffs are quite friendly and take delight in chatting with customers. Patrons like to introduce the restaurant to their friends and to give advice to the Mr. Tso, who keeps on improving the restaurant in every way. He also finds it fun to communicate with customers on Facebook, where he can check the feedbacks.


“We always serve customers with our sincerity and the splendid and tasty food will always guarantee you a memorable experience,” says Mr. Tso.